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satros >.<

stop blocking me! and unblock me!

you do this all the time! its mean =(

unblock me!!


next time dont pull the "i can talk if i want"

like u always do

cus everytime i jsut say NO and block u, idoit.

come on sat, dont be a dick like that on purpose

lol its jsut joke chill

Satros wrote:
lol its jsut joke chill

And a really funny one! xD

thank you sythest. okay, i wont do that anymore.. geez >.>

when are you gonna unblock me??

i unblock her and she starts with the racism and ignorance right away

Satros{{WaR}} says:
kar <3; cause her lips taste like a loaded gun. says:
Satros{{WaR}} says:
omg already with the racism again kar, i greet u the traditional lituanian way and u call the beutiful language jibberish, i cant take ur racism anymore, blocked AGAIN

cant read that, its backwards

thats not racist!! >.< you always speak jibberish at me! when you called me a bligsag??

i dont speak lithuanian, how would i know??

besides, YOURE not lithuanian either, since when you can speak that?

its not backwards

yep it is..

btw: unblock me >.<

Wtf? Traditional greeting? xD That's just as your "Hi, hello" etc. lol


Wtf? Traditional greeting? xD That's just as your "Hi, hello" etc. lol

lol i know, i just liek to make kar feel bad

but! when i said 'labas' to you, you were all like 'THATS LITHUANIAN FOR THE N WORD! RACIST!' and you got all KAR STOP BEING RACIST at me >.<

peace line.