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It's Sataro time!
Get up 'n GO!
When we Kill togoether it's much better
My 1337 friend
We like Murdering we don't want Yaoi!
My War-Wars
If she gives us trouble we won't let her
1337 Warriors, big adventures

Laura's gone to school
Let?s go to our War-War castle
We can fix our problems,
Just be noisy in our house!
Watch out for those Junns
You know their Smarter than you think!!
But if we work together
We can make their plans sink

Staticgirl, Wickedvamp, Kittara, Swarainiz
My 1337 friend
Sos, Kittie, Sythest, Venomblade
(My War-War)
L0$tB0Y, Bhaal, Death-Killer, FuryBeKnown
1337 Warriors, with adventure

'xcuse me while I work out gotta kill this damn n00b,

Sataro's here to Kill you
Sataro's team is Gonna kill you


Sat's got his own theme song

EDIT! I added back the parts that i chopped, and More members are included!

lool ^^

lmao. Sat, we're rapping this is class tomorrow. We'll get Brandon on vocals.


Bhaal wrote:
lmao. Sat, we're rapping this is class tomorrow. We'll get Brandon on vocals.

K i fixed the lyrics, Added back in parts that i chopped.

HAHAHAAH, dude, tape you guys rapping, i wanna see xD

rofl nice ass song kittara

long story point is, kittara said sumthing about having a bf and i said DOGTARO then sumthing with hamtaro and sataro came up and yeah lol


omfg hamtaro fucking owns u ALL such a good show i wanted to shoot all those fucking hamsterz hahah.

weirdo <.<

WTF!! im not included in it. thats not funny racist kittara


lol dont cry murd. we just want pics of ur mom then ull b in everything!