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Oh lawdy, thought i'd never see the day. Hopefully it'll be back up by tomorrow..

Just czeched out onaga's blog, had more info on the matter. Runegame is only down for a short while due to technical difficulties with the server.

Thank Odin!

Didn't think so what back soon. But i know what administration of using all their time for fixing that error, i hope that was true

Runegame is still down :(

Has anyone noticed the influx of posts from "noobs" Where are they all coming from?

From Heaven?

I am very very old rune player, playing about 6.5-7 years and nostalgy hurt me as beast.

dat nostalgia

Man i remember when SecretLabs used to be the place to get Rune mods

PROTIP: Rune is now available for purchase on Steam. (Includes HOV)

This is a hint that Rune 2 is in the works!

yeah i saw that.


Should also check out Human Head's official Rune page on Facebook. They're churning out concept art for Rune 2 for sure.