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Rune 2

Yup, there prob gonna make a Rune 2,
and this is the topic/forum thingy where we can daydream and gather a wishlist.
i can prob guess you guys will be asking for more food itemsquesadillas
For rune 2..i would like enhanced graphics, not that greatly enhanced, but 2 notches above what rune has.
Better Physics, ya know, weapons knock you back abit if hit,ragdoll stuff/flowing capes/hair. i also want more variety in limb severing Ex: chop people in half/diagnoly across the torso. Better selection of skins, maybe a character customization so that we all arent leather Ragnar or SarkAxe
a built in thingy maker tool, so you can make your own shields, weps, food,monsters.
uhhh and better lighting system thats about it.

EDIT: more organic things like random style tree generator.

Sounds cool =)