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Rule book of men

A few rules that are a mystery to every girl in the world - i foundz tem after millenia of searching.

  1. Girls are a mystery, don't try to understand them. Trying to understand a woman only leads to a lot of head hurtserhead aches

  2. Despite what everyone says, yes you are smaller downstairs than your girlfriend would like you to believe. Believe porn, it's the truth.

  3. Just because it looks good from behind doesn't mean that it's going to look good from the front. Oh? She's hot, and looks like she's twenty something? Get a shot of the front, she's a chain smoking 59 year old. Always check out the face.

  4. Eat, sleep, drink, poop. Just because they're primal doesn't mean they aren't good quality things to do with your life.

  5. For every cat that sticks its ass in a man's face there's a dog somewhere that sticks its nose in a woman's crotch.

  6. The remote is the sacred guardian of all you hold dear, never let it out of your hands.

  7. Ugly we can fix, stupid's a bit tougher.

  8. If you think the girl wants you to call her, don't. If you think this is possibly the most inopportune time to call her, then call her and ask her if she wants to go for mexican.

  9. It's not important that you can actually rock as a rocker. Just looking the part gets you babes.

  10. Believe television. They wouldn't put something on there unless it was true. Look at Days of Our Lives. I know girls possessed by the devil.

  11. No talking when dicks are out

  12. I read that off the back of a condom packet!! What brand did you say you prefer??

  13. Anyone with the name of Satros, or whose name is Little lamb is not a man, do not be confused!

  14. Just because she wears glasses doesn't mean she's smart

  15. Girls can act like guys too, just be careful of HOW bad it really is.

  16. Women aren't always all about make-up, clothes and money, some prefer nerdy stuff.

  17. The female species can be hard to understand but try understanding your own sex, thats even harder.

  18. The good women like to be treated like equals, the bad onesthats like trying to take care of a living barbie doll.

  19. NEVER lie about your age. If you look like an old croggly man then just say so.

  20. Sense of humor is a good trait just dont act like a jackass all the time. Goofiness is good in moderation.

  21. Tease a woman only if you can take what you dish out otherwise keep your mouth shut!

  22. If it smells bad don't eat it or touch it (this goes for food too!)

  23. Love is confusing yes. If you talk about it all the time then it's just gonna get even more so. (and annoying too) Girl's like affection (NOT STALKERATION!!!!).

No, they don't make any sense to me, so don't ask. If it helps any mans ego that I posted these I might post some of the rule book of women

Add stuff!! xD


boys are icky

Staticgirl wrote:

boys are icky

And And Girls are st00pid!

i read that off the back of a condom packet!! what brand did you say you prefer??

no talking when dicks are out

IE the bathroom

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