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rp-towns' new hell.

hey guys, i got some screenies of the new hell for rp-towns. i felt that the original one just was too small for a place of eternal damnation.

This part of hell is it's outermost tier ( its on the top) its the Void of War, where the unfaithful to Odin die during battle go, this is just a black void in space with a floating landscape inhabited by vicious sarks.

Now the 2nd tier of hell, this is the sandwhich in the outlayer. this is the void of fear, its is almost totally pitch black, and is inhabited by Imps and wendols and tubestrikers that will cast you down into the lake of fire!

the next step after the void of fear is the stairway to the lake of fire aka highway to hell. going down these steps just looks god damn amazing, when you finally make it to the bottom you are at the lake of fire, no monsters here, just some health runes to restore yourself before fighting the guardians.

and heres the entrance to the guardian boss fight room.

EDIT: Sadly to announce though, i got rid of the new city area, i might make another one at another time on another level,
although sadosi's manor and the dwarven fort are still there!


Ddaayum.. I really wanna play rune right now, looks awesome!

For some reason this map makes me wanna play zelda