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Rp-Towns boss fight ideas.

i need some ideas, lads.

although this is what ive came up with


The Kraken: basically, its a giant manowar with alot of hp, is surrounded by tubestrikers ( or in other words, it's arms)
that grab and throw you.
Found at: Green Dragon Dungeon

Legion: Legion is gonna be an epic two stage boss fight. it begins out as a huge ball of corpses, which Legion uses as a shell or defence, im gonna use the contra mod's Aliens as it's first means of attack.
The corpse ball will actually be a hollowed out polyobject brush, in other words you can destroy it. when the shell is destroyed, Legion himself will show up to start phase 2 of the fight. Legion is fast and deadly, takes the form of a sarkaxe with a dwarfworksword.
Found at: Hell


Vaegir: an ancient black dragon that was once slain by the hero Cecil and his adamantium blade, Einlanzer.
since the demonic occupation of towns, the very dark aura of the demons inside the catacombs where the dragon was slain has resurrected the dragon.
Found at: Castle Dungeon

King Niebul: for a dwarf, he's pretty big and so is his hammer. hes an optional fight in the new Dwarven Fortress Infiltration quest.
Found at: Fortress Niebul ( dwarven fortress)

now heres just a laydown of some of the quests/things to do in Rp-Towns

Escape NewbVille
quite simple, find the armoury, get armoured up, and enter the dark cave and get through the Forest of Eternal Night alive.

Retrieve Einlanzer
many ages ago, there was a black dragon that would crawl from the depths of a mountain and terrorize the lands. many were slain trying to defeat the dragon. But there was one man who had the guts to slay the beast, but he needed a weapon powerful enough to do so. The current kingdom back then aided him in his pursuit of such a weapon, but they searched far and wide and found nothing but a new land..a snowy one inhabited by dwarves! same for them as well, the black dragon Vaegir has terrorized their cities and they were quite fed up with it! When the two kings met at the council meeting, Niebul spoke of a ore found deep within the mountains of his homeland, Adamantite. The two kingdoms then both teamed up with their finest miners and soon enough, they found the adamantite. they put together the finest smiths and sorcerers and lo and behold, after a fortnight the Einlanzer was forged, and was gifted to Cecil from Niebul and Leoric. well we all know what happens next, Cecil, with Einlanzer in hand plunged down into the deeps of the mountain that the dragon used as its lair and slayed him.
But now, the Dwarves think they were wrong to give humans the blade. The dwarves threatened to quit selling Carbon Steel to the human kingdom unless they gave back the Einlanzer. The dwarves couldn't ave picked a worser time, for Vaegir had been resurrected and demons are laying the human kingdom under siege. now it up to you, a lone adventurer/mercenary. the king pleads you to sneak into the dwarven stronghold and steal the Einlanzer back and slay the dragon!

Death to Vaegir
Now that you've got the Einlanzer, go slay Vaegir who now resides beneath the castle!

Purge these Cursed lands
This quest is open all the time, you must slay every creature in the level in this quest. that means returning to the dwarf kingdom and laying them under siege and cleaning out the mazes and dungeons.

After slaying Vaegir, you find the legendary sword and shield, Excalibur and Valor.
these weapons were made to counter magic, especially demonic magic! plunge into the fiery depths of hell and confront the fuckers on their on land!