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ROV is the sadest clan ever

LOL h4x in rune. Report to the Failboat good sir!



"Chronic, this is Sythest posting. I asked Xyster to post this for me since i don't have an account on these forums. Anyways you were not banned for being good. you are banned for CHEATING. Yes that is right, Cheating. I have proof that you have been cheating lately and i will gladly post it here upon your request. As to everyone else who wants to know specifically what cheats, there is a new cheat pack including speed binds, wallhacks, and a working aimbot. Apparently it was made by a euro named Chakuza, Who then gave it to gnome. Another euro player named DiE posted it on the {{WAR}} forums then gave the link to Chronic. Apparently Chronic has been sending it to multiple users in the USA rune community, I am not sure why but it is very lame to see him trying to ruin the game for us. Chronic, you talk shit about ROV cheating ALL The time yet you have no evidence, you have a horrible attitude and you always rage on RoV because we own you. How ironic is it that the main person claiming who RoV cheats is a cheater himself. Now then, i am done ranting and please don't bother claiming any of what i have said is false or you will end up looking like a complete dumb ass once i post the proof."


sythest = x-war

Lol god..

sythest is such a douchebag
whineing n crying about shit when he could simply idk, ban him n fix the problem? It cant be that hard to block a 'cheat' in rune

lol, i say if chronic cheats let him CHEAT everyone else is cheating, who cares lul,
and chronic i don't rly care if you do cheat since im in 1.01 and i've never cared bout ppl cheating since they CAN be beaten. DONE IT, can be done yes, and very easy if you know how the bot works kthxbye

Wait  aminute why the hell do you need to cheat in rune lol?

It's not that hard.

lol right

Cecil wrote:
Wait  aminute why the hell do you need to cheat in rune lol?

It's not that hard.

so true, look i beat ppl with 40 ping on the usa servers while i got around 170 and i still own them pretty damn hard
can do up to 20 in a row, on the us servers

who cares if someone is cheating in a game made almost 10 years ago, what are you trying to be the best player in a game that no one gives a shit about anymore? Just play for fun thats what war clans all about.

Nah i don't realy care about rune tbh, but still some status to beat some of the top us players anyway. but as you said its an old game that most people don't know what it is they just misstake it to be "runescape" pop's