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I WANT ONE. please. ^_^

Hm me! :)

didnt you already have one? >.O

Well yeah :) but this is round two It's different!

Kar gets her card first, then me

lol thanks kittie =)

Kar wrote:
I WANT ONE. please. ^_^

Kittie is next, although kitties attacks might be harder to figure out (or they will be the same as last time)

Satros wrote:

Kar wrote:
I WANT ONE. please. ^_^

YAYY !! thanks sattt !! :D <333 i love it XD lolololll i feel so special lmao. i has a trading card!! =D

edit: oh lmao i just noticed the 'weaknesses' haha. black men, drugs and being trolled. yeah. X___X


I would like one to made of me :P

me want card naow. kthx

GUNNNNNSSS me a card

herpa derp did it myself.

You forget the weakness =]

panda wrote:
You forget the weakness =]

I have none besides the conventional( other attacks, etc ) shit :\

Everyone has a weakness ;P
Mine happends to be asians ^^

With that shield it should be quartered.

Wow, finally, Sat

Lucian wrote:
Wow, finally, Sat


What fonts are used?
I know the official WaR font requires some download.