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R.I.P Dolla

Up-and-coming Atlanta rapper Dolla was shot and killed in an altercation outside a shopping mall in Los Angeles on Monday, May 18th. He was 21 years old. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Dolla was gunned down while he waited at the Beverly Center’s mall valet with rappers DJ Shabbazz and Scrapp DeLeon. Dolla’s publicist said that before the shooting, a man and woman were trailing the rapper. Police have “two persons of interest” in custody; cops picked up one man at the ticketing area of the Los Angeles International Airport with a gun in his possession. As of this morning, the man in custody, Aubrey Berry, has been charged with murder

One of the best rappers i have heard  :mellow:

Both These Videos Are Epic

R.I.P Nigga!

lolanother rip

ChRoNiC wrote:
One of the best rapers i have heard  :mellow:

you spelled rapers wrong