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Representing WaR, in Mother Russia no less

Owning it up in a tank battle earlier today in RO, and just wanted to share


hey wtf i already posted here
o well
but wut game is that? RO??!

Red Orchersta

wtf not working?!@!??!
grabs cureblade good bye cruel UNPOSTABLE WORLD!)%&*@#)%&(^^

I just got that game, haven't played it much though

w00t! Muyo, I love you!

Name a time, and I'll show you the ropes of the game, and make 1337 in no time. Just, erm, have patience. And don't give up after 2 hours, like half the people that play the game because it isn't Counter Strike and you can't hip shot someone in the head from 300 feet away.