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RAVE !! :D

SO, last night was THE most awesome night EVER. :D okay so i went sober, as i planned, cause i hadnt decided if i was gonna do e or not. so i got there, and all my friends (as well as like.. everyone else :P) was on it, and after about an hour i was like 'kay i want some too' (because raves are notttt as much fun when youre sober. like at all. o.o) so i bought a couple of caps, took them, after like 20 minutes i started feeling really sick.. but everyone kept telling me that happens to them all the time at the beginning, so i was like kay, thats cool, then i puked a bunch >.O but then i felt better and it started kicking in =P

everyone was sooo friendly, like it was really crowded (3 big main rooms with the music and the black lights and flashing lights etc, bunch of hallways+stair cases to each of the rooms, and then smaller rooms outside the main rooms with less instense lights and quieter music lol, which was more to just chill in), but yaeh, you'd have random people coming up and hugging you or playing with your hair or just starting a conversation about nothing . loll. which was awesome. cause we met like a billion people (i met a boy! XD he asked for my number and we're texting^^ AND HE WAS SOBER. XD)

walking is awesome when youre on caps o____O just like walking from one side of the room to the other, you feet feel sooo weird and everything feels so weird o_O idk lol it was awesome.

AND then, kay, remember how i said bunch of my old guy friends were gonna be there? >.O which was one of the reasons i wasnt sure if i was gonna do e or not, just cause, i know thye dont really like me and if i get annoying then, well thats not good. BUT, the most unpredictable tihng, i was somehow left alone outside with like 4 of them, and they were like 'so we heard youre not a whore anymore' and im like 'yep' and they were apaprently all really impressed, and then idk, probably due to the caps lol i gave them all this speech about how i was sorry for making them all so mad at me in the first place and like all this, i dont even remember entirely what i said, but then JACOB (who is like, my real-life finisher. except he does lots of drugs. but hes very I FROWN UPON EVERYTHING KAREN DOES AND SAYS AT ALL TIMES AND DONT MUCH CARE FOR HER OR HER HORRIBLY STUPID DECISIONS) BUT he HUGGED ME, voluntarily. for the first time in like YYYYYEEEEARSSS, he was like 'karren you deserve a hug for that' and he hugged me !! then ALL THE OTHER GUYS hugged me too O_O (jacob also ended up hugging me LATER that night again too, TWICE. O__O)

THENNNNN i ended up spending the whole night with them, the rave ended around 6 so we went back to someones apartment and we all, like me and 4 of the guys plus one of their girlfriends, and we stayed there til like, 930 smoking weed (which apparently reallyyy helps to not have a horrible come-down. which seems to be true=].) then bussed home. and now am home! its like 1030 am lol.

but yeah, it was prettyyyy amazingggg. :]  my eyes huuuuurrrrrtttt and i def wasnt chewing gum so my jaw is kinda sore adn apparently i was biting the inside of my mouth all night instead so thats awesome >__< but other than that lol. yes.



brool story is brool


tl;dr: Kar's trying not to be a skank so she got off on getting hugs. :troll:

Kar am disappoint. Drugs are bad.  :damnit: :troll:

At first she was like  :jamieh:

but then she was like oh look drugs  :megusta:

and then she was like

and then she was like  :lolface:

and then jedi was like  :damnit:

Jedi wrote:
Kar am disappoint. Drugs are bad.  :damnit: :troll:

JEDIIII ! >.< YOU and satros both were telling me TO do drugs and you would be disappointed if i didnt >____<

SATROS. good lord that is a trippy picture O____o

FINISHER:  :plsgo:


Jedi wrote:
Kar am disappoint. Drugs are good.


thanks murd !! ive missed you !!

:D yay ive been missed by someone  :fuckyea:  :lolface: Kar you druggie  :damnit:

you JUST said drugs were good >.< ALL YOU BOYS KEEP CHANGING YOUR MINDS ABOUT ERRTHING ALL THE DAMN TIME. drugs are good, no wait theyre bad, no theyre good, dont be a hoe, no you SHOULD be a hoe, no actually wait.. >___O

Kar we never change our minds. Drugs are good, don't be a hoe.

lol Don't worry Kar, drugs are very good

lmao. well. kay. drugs + not bein a hoe, thats pretty much what ive been doing, so we're all good.

Everyone keeps calling me a hoe because some guy only had to sweet talk me for about 30 minutes for me to sleep with him, I don't get it, what does that have to do with gardening??

Satros wrote:
Everyone keeps calling me a hoe because some guy only had to sweet talk me for about 30 minutes for me to sleep with him, I don't get it, what does that have to do with gardening??

he didnt "sweet talk me for 30 minutes" >_< i mean he WAS being sweet and it may SOUND like it was sweet-talk but he really meant it, it was really sincere. and it wasnt just like, oh hes being sweet, I'LL JUST SLEEP WITH HIM', nooooo it was like, he said he wanted to because he felt like it was meant to be, and that normally he wouldnt be going this fast either but he felt suuchh a strong connection between us and it felt so right and everything. AND I KNOW that might SOUND like something he could easily make up, but he wasnt, and i could tell he wasnt, cause i can just TELL when people are being sincere sometimes.

AND, as it turns out, I WAS RIGHT, because everyday since that we've been texting and he keeps being just as sweet and telling me how beautiful i am and how he wants to cuddle me =) because he is, in fact, a genuinely sweet guy that DID mean what he was saying. PROOF.  (because, if he WAS lying and just wanted sex or whatever, why would he still be texting me and wanting to hang out? we're def making plans for some day soon. so obvs he does want to see me again. ^^)

So your saying he sweet talked you for less than 30 mins? :troll:

Satros wrote:
So your saying he sweet talked you for less than 30 mins? :troll:


lol jk. no. it was longer than 30 minutes, i was at his place for a long time lol.

Well duh you had sex with him, of course you were

Kar wrote:
we're def making plans for some day soon. so obvs he does want to fuck me again. ^^)

FIXD :lolface: