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omfg so damn racist listen to this guys comment

Vaseirik (9 hours ago)
I salute you sir. What people can't get through their heads is that nigger can apply to anyone. Black, white, yellow, brown. Doesn't matter. If you're a worthless piece of shit that does nothing to help your country or society, and assist in making it a miserable place to live, you're a NIGGER. Get used to the word because it isn't going anywhere because the more people bitch and complain about it, the more people are going to keep it in the back of their minds for future usage.

now listen to this comment i posted

ok first off Vaseirik u r gay ok, the word 'nigger' i racist to black ppl just like 'beaner' is racist to ppl who speak spanish

hey prolly thinks im black cuz of the ganster screen name lol

such racism

dman this guy is pissed teh fuck off!!!!

SHA748 (18 hours ago)
n yall daughter i got somethin 4 her ass i got so many lil cuzin n lil friends dat will beat da fuck out of her so try 2 come 2 detroit or if u stay by it tell me were ya stay n me n a gang of ppl gon b der BITCH!

SHA748 (18 hours ago)
ill beat da fuck out of yall daugther
n yall cuz dats a fuckin shame yall pos 2 b da grown ppl n yall ackin like kids by lettin yall daugther say dat i hope yall get stapped by some black folks or shot up by us nigga's yall some hoez 4 dat shit u aint gon say dat n no hood black person face

blink 152 and bankshot babies we bite you in the leg like a cait with rabies.