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you know when you say something REALLY stupid/awkward/embarrasing/whatever at the WORST possible time?  well. i do that a lot. like constantly.

SO. to make me feel less retarded, i think you should all share some of your worst ones. xD

for starters, tonight, me and caity are at quiznos (we work there) and we had closed, the door was locked. this guy SOMEHOW manages to come in, but we didnt notice. he was in there for a good minute or two, standing at the counter, and we didnt notice. JUST before i noticed him standing there, i say, REALLY LOUD, "YOU KNOW ONE THING CUM ISNT GOOD FOR THOUGH? DIPPING CARROTS IN"

_< SO fucking embarrassing. honestly. theres a CUSTOMER. we see him, and we're like 'OH FUCK, OMG, HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET IN HERE, HOW LONG HAVE YOU.. DID YOU  JUST OH GOD.. FUCK.. AHahh. welcome to quiznos!"

horrible. horrible horrible horrible =P

*summons pile of awkward turtles

*drops pile onto kar




why would you even be

my friend jenni always says 'awkward turtle'.. i thought she just made that up o.O i didnt know OTHER people said that too xD whats it from? o.O

also, i had carrots at lunch today. guess what i dipped them in.

hopefully not cum?

also god you would think that kar. your the kind of person who thinks their friend made up the phrase "what up" or something

_> you mean OTHER people say 'what up' too? o_O huh. i guess its catching on.

but seriously, what is awkward turtle from? xD cause i REALLY did think it was just her that said it =P

i think its an upside down turtle

or one with his head in the wrong hole haha

Let's see awkward moments OH I KNOW ONE!! This didn't happen to me, it happened to people I know.

Well, two of my friends were getting married and everything, so I was at the wedding, and stuff; then Takeshi (The husband) said he was going to go around and talk to people (this was after the reception stuff), we couldn't find him anywhere for half an hour, so me and one of my friends Chelle, wen't to go look for him, cause Rain (The bride) wanted us to.

We found him in an empty room making out with some one, I dunno who it was >.<

(He saw us he paid us each 200 dollars to keep quiet) >.>

rain is a gay name

_> one of my children is gonna be named rain =P

also, thats so horrible o_O did she ever find out??

:o i'd fucking kill him

sounds like old school

sounds like dicks

yes, she found out. me and my friend took the money, and told her x)

haha. nice one kittie =P

my friend is also having a kid named rain, so we're hoping theyre gonna be different genders, that way THEY can have a baby named puddle XD

Well, my friend rain's sisters name is Rainbow, so you know like, you can name the girl rainbow and the boy rain?

ooh. thats cool. xD but i like rain+rain = puddle better :P

Kitellia wrote:
yes, she found out. me and my friend took the money, and told her x)

Wow, you're not a bitch.


lol what, should I have taken the money, and not told her? Then live with it on my conciounce? Or not take the money, and tell her? >< While, I really need the money