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thats what im saying IT IS COVE@)@#$%)$(

i got mixed up.. i meant to say. WHY ISNT ROV, ROVE!!!! COV ROV just change the sound of the first letter Coh-ve, Roh-ve.



because im god and i made this way .kbye

okay look you gay sluts.

its.. C, liek the letter c, O, the letter o, V the letter v, where the hell did you idiots get COVE? wtf this isnt some pirate island cove shit. its see - o - Vee, none of this cove shit

Rov , are - o - vee, not ROVE, rove is a non existant word that reminds me of gay.

my name is

Scythe, Est

the grim reaper scythe, and then est.

Wtf?! Who let this homeless piece of shit in here?

aww poor lucian, gonna cry ?


bahh tric you ruined it.
hi sith-est RAHV COVE NUFF SAID beshes
khi lucian how do you say your name lu-see-ahn or lou-shin

I thought it was LU SEE EN

i say lou shin cuz it sounds cooler

ThuGG wrote:
i say lou shin cuz it sounds cooler

Yea, I believe it's lou shin