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on everest last night a few of us were babbling about the pronunciation of clan names for example, [c?v]. do you think its pronounced cove, kawv, or see-oh-vee (satros.. ROFL) anyways, just post how you say pronounce some different clan tags .

cove all the way.

Cuv as in dove.

wtf are u posers talkin bout i started all this shit lol.
just like i ssaid to sat in teh beginning its COVE. not see=oh-vee..
oregon Sith-est,Lu-see-ann. umm ore-gone.


C. O. V.

well i encourage the right and the truth. lol

COOL, there is a member called xitser with 30 posts and ive never heard of him =)

how do you pronounce xitseris it EXitser or Zitser or wut?

i think zit

hehe well, waaaay back when jetboom started D? i made my name Exitser just random shit i came up with. when i made my steam account i called it xitser by accident so i just went with that from then on. its pronounced Exit-sir ive been adding the E back in recently to help confused souls. btw, cuv WTF IS THAT!!!???!?!!111 COVE for sure. COVE, ROVE, J-UH-N, Psy-Thest, Loo-see-an, Sat-rohs

the one im confused about is emmix is it MX (like i used to say it) or is it E-mex (like slimmdimm got me saying..)

wtf no!! its RAHV, SITH-est and SAR-TOS, and ZITSER


COV = COVE, but ROV = RAHV i dont get you..

edit: btw, i talked to sythest and he says it like Psy-Thest also

oh so its like Exit-ser .. :S

i mean rahv as in there isn't and e after rov which would make it soudn like rove now you yamean?

V???M?l??? wrote:

No it's now SAR-TOAST

vemonblade couldnt you say the same about cov? no E in that one btw, this one settles it Rune: Halls Of Valhalla is it:

Rune: HOVE
Rune: Hahv
Rune: Eh-Ch-Oh-Vee (werd.)

Me thinks hove

oh, and this is how i thought of that question on the B.C. Drivers test

  1. You may enter a High Occupancy Vehicle or HOV lane when:


eXActly zitser. HOV=HAHV ROV=RAHV.
now you yamean?

then why the hell isnt cov, COVE??!?!?!?!!? yamean?