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project !!?!

lol ok i had this in my head a few weeks ok here gos you know that song (Bring me to life by Evansence ) it goos so well with the movie Neverending Story lol we could make a vid for youtube with neverending story clips with that song and make it match lol {save me from the nothing} {call my name} lol i want to see what one of you peeps can do with this idea it matches so good omg take clips from youtube of Neverending story and mesh a music vid i wanna see it !!!!!

wtf i havnt seen neverending story since 2nd grade o.o

me neather thats why it would be cool to reintroduce the movie to youtube with a music video

im trying to find a song that fits my long lost childhood movie flight of the navigator lol what songs would fit that the movie has some awsome ship flying fast pace clips in the film
thats a nouther one id like to see but we need a song that gos with it

oookaayyy? Havnt seen it kbye

Staticgirl wrote:
oookaayyy? Havnt seen it kbye

FN. ,.graphics

havent seen it
old song
why cant u do it

cous i realy dont know to much about movie editing and crap l;ike that i can use win movie maker but thats about all i can only add and split clips i dont know how to add music if i make the vid would some one add music and get it youtube ready