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If you had a clone would you have sex with yourself?

  • yes (0.07979%, 4 Votes)
  • no (0.05984%, 3 Votes)
  • i wuld have a 3 som with satros and his clone (99.86%, 5006 Votes)
Number of votes: 5013

i forone would, i mean who wouldnt want me

oh ya.. everyone knows.. he threesome would be the best.. ever..

sat u noob
making 3some 5000 votes
ub3r h4x ^^

he just votes for everyone who doesnt play on the fourms.. he knows how they think..hes that ganksta.

fyi this is like that gayest homo idiotic question to be asking any guy maybe not a girl but u get my drift but yeah most defently ill do myself i mean i would like to know how it feel if i was on top of me i know that shit has to be the bomb lol

our if anyones smart enough is to get there clone a sex change then have sex wit them. hAHAHAHA MAN IL BANG THOSE GUTS OUT

yeah it is pretty gay, whats even more gay is the majority of us voted we would so far >.< lOL

lmao 5002!!!! i chose satros anyway ^^

lmao. sat, you cant vote 5000 times you cheater! >.<

4 people voted for the satros 3 some so far tho friggon weirdos


lol mattman i lvoe u

well i wouldnt,but what the hell i geuss Satros is pretty sexy for 5003 people to have a threesome with him.

triclone pwns

i'd declare war with anyone who didnt choose 3some with sat.. faggots..