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Pokemon Cards: The Drinking Game.

So i've been thinking up a good use for those old pokemon cards you have laying around. Have faith they're value is now restored as you can use them to drink!

Work in progress, as I don't have my cards up so I need to get them when I go home for break to test this.

Here's how to play:

Get two decks of miscellaneous pokemon cards, with the same number of cards in both. Players sit opposite of each other, with they're deck down and draw 6 cards. The game is played like War, you start by both choosing a card out of your 6 and place it face down. You then flip the cards. The card with the highest attack (out of both attacks, special abilities don't count, just base damage) wins. If they have the same amount of max damage it goes to HP. If the HP is the same(or if it is the same card) then it goes to a showdown (discussed later). If your card loses you have to take a sip and put your card in a graveyard deck. Everytime you put a card down draw from your deck. If your card wins you do nothing as long as it keeps winning.

Example: Player 2 has a card out with 60 dmg. Player 1 puts down a card with 100 dmg and draws a card from the deck to his hand. Player 2's card is beaten out so Player 2 takes a sip, moves their card to the graveyard, and puts down a new card from their hand (and then draws a card from their deck to their hand). This goes on until one person runs out of cards in their deck and loses the game.

The rules for a showdown is as follows: Place your remaining 5 cards in your hand out facedown against your opponents 5 face down cards in an order of your choosing. Once you've both placed down your 5 cards flip them one by one. The person with the most wins out of the 5 cards (if they are the same they count as a draw, if the showdown is a draw then draw 6 cards and enter another showdown). If you lose a showdown you must take a sip for each card you placed out. So normally a showdown you would have to take 6 sips or if it was a double showdown 11 sips, etc.

Other rules (if you want them): Energy is neutral, you don't take a sip, and it cancels out whatever card is out. (Don't play with a ton of energies10 or so depending how large your decks are). If an energy is placed both cards die, no one drinks, and then both players put their next card out at the same time and flip (like at the start). This prevents someone from just putting a charizard or something out and winning the game.

Item cards: dont use?

so if player 1 has the best card  or strongest Pokemon out of the whole deck how does player 1 get drunk/?  i see the potential of it thou

Osidius~Emphatic wrote:
so if player 1 has the best card  or strongest Pokemon out of the whole deck how does player 1 get drunk/?  i see the potential of it thou

yeah thats what the energies are for you need to put a few in the deck, energies just kill whatever card is out there but no one drinks