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Pets system!!

hey i've installed pets system into the forums, you can find it here:

you can create a pet, raise it, pets evolve when they reach a certain level, buy items, gain levels, then go battle with other pets and do other fun stuff. to get points u must post, each post = 1 point, so let the spamming begin! lol

i only made 2 species and only a few items cuz im too lazy to do more. But admins, u just loggin to Admin CP, and go to components -> Munjpets and u will find the setting there, go make some species and items!!


Oooh This looks pretty cool! xO

lol fun sooo how bored were you when you made this xD



um swar when theyre in a battle how do they attack?


there i made 1 item (a feather bed) to lazy to make more oh and i made a furniture catagory is that ok? just so the bed had somewhere to go

Oh god Swar what have you done.

hmmmm the possibilities.

we are doomed..

10,000 pts to disown a pet?!!!!!? throws rat in dumpster