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So i was going to this party tonight with some friends like a potluck , so i brought cookies, and we were gonna listen to dubstep and watch Christmas movies and eat and have blankets etc etc but it's at this girls house cause her parents are away but ive never been to her house, found it on a map tho & planned my busses but then forgot that idk how to maps and this is kinda not a nice area/rly close to downtown & i got off the bus prettyyy sure i knew where i was going but theres lots of back alleys & i wasn't sure if i was on the right street there was a guy singing/yelling loudly to himself finally confirmed im on the right street but maybe going the wrong direction no idea but wait this is the intersection i came from.. but fartherlaljsjakasjs then i gave up and am bussing home and missing the party :( fail .
tl; dr kar gets too high to read a map the end fail

call a taxi tho

I missed you Kar. Please don't leave us.

Also have blankets? I like that

Rodger: well i saw a cab drive by and i was like 'hmm i should flag him down" but my thoughts are slower than real life so he was long gone and if i phoned one it would take forever & i didnt have an address to get me at lol.. but yes cabs

Sat: yessss blankets & pillows & onesies & all things cozy!! I looove blankets. I have a spongebob blanket & a sons of anarchy blanket & a justin bieber blanket!! Win win win