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omfg, venomblade....

dude vb, tonight i just discovered you were white. YOu always acted like a nigger so i thought you were black, so kyea, i feel retarded, i found it suspicious that an african could skate and listened to rock music, and played soccer!?!?!?! yeah, gj you fooled me for the last year and a half..thats right, for the whole time ive played rune i thought you were black. gj. Now i cant say my racist jokes and mean them, because ill always know you are white.

im half jamaican half puerto rican. skin color tan more black than white.
and ye me and my bro play soccer. and no i cant skate. My brother can so this topic is completely false and on a serious note im getting tired of all the bs spawning from your cakehole. Get your facts right next time.

lmao, oops.

np not mad just tired. from war alnighter event.. thing.. still haven't gone to bed idk y.

and he gets his soccer playin skills from his jamaican side cuz jamaicans like deh soccer so its in his blood yamean? DONT BE HATIN ON MY BOY JAY JAY




wtf venom the allnighter wasnt THAT long.. jeez..

well u guys got off at 2? i stayed up until 5 for soem reason

Does this mean venom owned someone? No.. Thats impossible

no , because this way probly all an eloborate mind trick by gbjr


we were up till 5 wth

ps3 ftw.

and ps3 sux
heavenly sword only good game on ps3

V???M?l??? wrote:
and ps3 sux
heavenly sword only good game on ps3

Not until Metal Gear 4 and resident evil 5 and devil may cry its gonna be off the hook ..but till then yeah it sucks

DMC 4 and RES 5 are on 360.
coulndt' give a shit bout metal gear

MGS 4 KH 3 and FF XIII are the only games that look good.

kh3 will prob be on ps2 ff xiiiiiiiii ye thats cool
metalgsolid. idc sokbye