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Olivia Munn

video games + hott girl = <3

I LOL'D  :quesadilla!:

Wrong board is wrong.

But Munn is hot, especially when she's playing games.

HIJACK! Lets make it g4 girls in general:

miss morgan webb

Kristin Holt (former g4 babe, american idol finalist, dallas cowboys cheerleader)


not gunna lie i def voted for G4's E3 booth babe and i voted for erin ftw

not to mention the new International sexy ladies show on G4

moved to random dis

All of these are degrading to women!

Especially the one in the green bathing suit where her nipples are to high?

its called lopsided bewbs you will understand one day if you ever think of getting implants even tho i doubt you will try that stat but i heard kittie tries alot of things

i heard kitties trying postitions

I wont need those you silly billy ;]