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ohhhh goddamn fail. >.<

so spot and i are having one of our smoke-a-joint-and-walk-through-the-forest walks when he starts sniffing around in the snow and finds a stick he seems to really like chewing on.  So i'm like 'okay, but you can't bring it into the house'.

so we're heading back home, turning onto our driveway when we see my friend ksenia coming out of her house onto her driveway (across the street from mine), and we start talking, and she's like 'thats not a deer leg is it??' and im like 'haha, very funny, no i looked at it, its definitely a stick.'

so we go into the backyard, and he's still chewing on it and i bend down to take off his leash and im like '..thats kind of a funny shaped stick. that has to be wood.. light coloured wood.. oh god'

its like two bones connecting! like in your pelvis or something. o____O but theres definitely no skin or fur or anything its just bone. WHAT THE FUCK OOPS.

so then im like 'well what the fuck do i do with this??' i take it from him (bribing him with dog food) and run into the front yard trying to find a place to put tihs. but where the hell is a good place to put this? so i go back to the backyard and remember we have a huge compost thing that has a lid on it and its pretty dog-proof, so i throw it into there.

o_O but yeah. goddamn.


This would only happen to you twice.

X__XXX<<<<>>>><<<< I KNOW RIGHT WTF.

:damnit: Damnit kar

What's with you and deer legs? :P 2 legs.. So, I say it's going to happen a couple more times, at least.

Well there are worse things the dog could have picked up.

lmao thats true.

(you may have missed part 1). he had a deer leg, like fur and a hoof on it and everything. (but i was high and thought it was a stick, he brought into my house, my parents flipped shit and thought i was some kind of psycho collecting animal pieces x.x)

Wait, I'm pretty sure that weed is illegalquestioning the validity of this story. Pics or it didn't happen.

LOL. yeah youre right, my story must be pretty far fetched if there's DRUGS in it o_O

The only thing fetched in this story is that deer leg.



it wasnt even a leg this time i dont think really :S

All the best Waifus have carry leeks.