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i searched "I'm a tool" and naturally he shows up first on the list

why arnt you on there??? you need to add more tool academy on your tv shows

Your his sidekick, you should be right under his picture!


Only tools use Norton

this is true ^

Haha that's my computer. I have Norton because my subscription still isn't up.

Don't need any anti-virus now.

well you should lol

mac viruses arnt that hard to make, could kill your mac

hey fuck you guys

norton works >:[

if you like SLOW

NUH >:[

wtf do you use? mac-gay?!

Staticgirl wrote:
norton works >:[

Don't you mean "Nor- computer freezes - opens solitaire - ks"

your guys's computers suck balls then :]

no, from a computer scientist standpoint norton's software is inefficient


:3 your still learning young padawan

so "shut your mouth, shut your mouth shut up, shut your mouth, shut it"

^ I agree
NORTON IS AWESOME, its your fault your guys computers suck so that its slow for you.

actually there are some tasks and logic loops that will always take the same amount of time no matter to processing speed, such as norton

v All homo.

DAMNIT why do i keep posting after you!

idk but im really starting to wonder about you..

hey you posted after yourself making you gay too!

lets go do 33% gay things together