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**OFFICIAL** The War Clan Sagas

In this thread I give an in depth history of WaR clan and the different eras of the clan as I saw them. Or: How randomly receiving a game one day derailed my life.

  1. Kid Satros Saga (2003-2004)
    12 year old Satros is given the game Rune: Halls of Valhalla and taught how to play by -=RoV=-Slingblade on his first day playing online. After a month meets a 10 year old Staticgirl. Satros befriends a player named ShadowGod and forms a short lived clan named -(SeT)- (Slayers of Eternal Terror) with him. September 29th, 2003, Satros forms a new clan called {{WAR}}, invites Staticgirl and ShadowGod to join. A few weeks later meets a player named STALKER (Later known as WickedVamp, Wicked, Wick) and gets him to join. A few weeks later started playing on the [why!] TR racing server. {{WAR}} takes off on that server and gains many new members, including Grandmaster ThuGG. {{WAR}} expands due to interest in Satros' War Castle map (idea copied from i0n's work). Kittara, Necros, InvisibleKiller, (Later known as Lucian) are among notable recruits. i0n also joined up and helped with work on the War Castle map. {{WAR}} further expands to other games such as Halo:CE where notable members Jon, Mojo, }{treme, and Rogue are recruited. Staticgirl invites Satros to play Runescape with her, after a few weeks many members begin playing Runescape. {{WAR}} continues until August of 2004 when Satros leaves for vacation for 2 weeks. Returns and finds the forum spammed with hundreds of pages of "QUESADILLA!". Clan members have split into rival factions. Satros tries to repair things but ultimately decides to end the clan and join [cØv] (Council of Valhalla), a clan he had been spending more time with lately. Thus ending the first era of {{WAR}}.

  2. The Legendary Soldiers and Dark Age Saga (2004-2006)
    Satros stays a part of [cØv] for around 6 months. Eventually starts hanging out with other players of a similar age in a separate TeamSpeak. These players include Azzy, [rey]Kat, Fox_JuNN, Spitfire, Alarix, Dimecheari, and WickedVamp. Satros leaves [cØv] and forms -=[l§]=- (Legendary Soldiers) with Spitfire and Alarix. Wicked, Dimeacheari, and Azzy eventually join as well. After a year or so Guildwars is released. Satros, Azzy, Kat, and Wicked leave Rune behind for the most part, and join up with [cØv]'s Guildwars guild. Overtime the guild begins to grow apart and [c0v] starts to die on Guildwars. Satros and Azzy leave the [cØv] Guildwars guild and join -=RoV=-'s Guildwars guild. Wicked and Kat join other guilds. Satros and Wicked do not talk for a whole year due to a fight.

  3. Rebirth Saga (2006)
    After a long journey in Guildwars, and a falling out with Azzy, Satros returns to Rune:HOV. Upon his return, many old members of {{WAR}} convince Satros to restart the clan (Especially Swarainiz and Wicked). On June 3rd, 2006 {{WaR}} is reborn, with old members Wicked, StaticGirl, Lucian, Kittara, ThuGG, and new members such as Swarainiz, Mattman, and Sadosi who were around during the old days, but never an official part of the original clan. This time around, the clan had a different purpose. Instead of being a traditional clan, the new {{WaR}} would be a clan for fun and creativity, and allowed members to be a part of other clans at the same time. ThuGG and Satros also joined [cØv] to play competitively while also still being a part of {{WaR}}. Within the first few months {{WaR}} had an explosion of new members, including Sythest, Master Sos, Kittie, Zaifos, Murderer (Later known as Murd), Cecil, Zodiak (cousin of ThuGG), and KrunkJuiceKeisha. Kittie wanted to leave after a week, but Satros and Master Sos convinced her to stay. Even old {{WaR}} members from Halo such as Jon and Mojo came back. War clan thrived playing Rune:HOV on their own TR Racing home server, and also created many custom Rune skins and maps, including a new version of the famed War Castle map.

  4. The Golden Age Saga (2006-2008)
    With the clan established in Rune:HOV it continued to pick up new members, including Venomblade and his brother FuryBeKnown, Triclone, Feel-It, and GodBelow Jr. The clan was thriving and full of life once again. As WaR grew in strength, members began to play new games together, reigniting the idea of WaR as a multigame clan. Around Thanksgiving of 2006, Gears of War was popular in WaR, which had a growing group of Xbox 360 members including Satros, Bhaal, Venomblade, FuryBeKnown, and MuyoMan, as well as associates such as Doyle. Towards the end of 2006, War Clan celebrated with a new event: The First Warmas. Warmas was an idea originally derived from holiday themed maps that were created during the Legendary Soldiers era. During Warmas, War Clan gathered in full force to celebrate the season's holidays and the year's end by playing games together (usually on custom maps and mods made especially for Warmas in RUNE:HOV). At the beginning of 2007, Satros and Kittie played Ragnarok Online on private servers and eventually set up their own RO private server for WaR, which WaR mostly had fun on by messing around with admin commands. Towards the end of summer 2007, War Clan got heavily into to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multiplayer (primarily Satros, Staticgirl, ThuGG, Kittie, Wicked, JediKilla1, and Sadosi). The clan would play every night until the sun came up. ThuGG would steal everyone's bike. The clan continued to play Rune:HOV sporadically, and picked up new members such as Osidius~Emphatic. In fall of 2007, a dispute broke out on Rune:HOV within [cØv], causing some members of [cØv] to break off and form a new clan called ToR. Among the new members of ToR included {{WaR}} members Venomblade, Triclone, and FuryBeKnown. Even though some members of {{WaR}} were also a part of [cØv] this dispute did not concern {{WaR}} so there was no drama within {{WaR}}. However, channeling his nerdrage, Frozn harnessed the power of European transsexual hackers to try to destroy [cØv]'s forum. When that failed, he moved on to hacking the {{WaR}} clan forums, which were hosted on the same server as [cØv]'s forum and therefore would give him the access he was trying to achieve. Once he hacked the {{WaR}} forums he proceeded to post NSFW pictures which may have permanently damaged GodBelow Jr.'s 12 year old psyche. Once control of the forums were regained, ToR had become an enemy and Venomblade, Triclone, and FuryBeKnown were eventually excommunicated from the clan after the resulting drama. The hatred between {{WaR}} and ToR raged on, Frozn attempted to ruin Warmas that year, WaR fought back, the battles went on for years until eventually ToR died off. Also in fall of 2007, Halo 3 was released, but now many more members and associates have an Xbox 360 (Including Satros, Wicked, JediKilla, Murd, Zaifos, Minimoose, Doyle, Carbas, and Loki). WaR clan played many fun custom game modes and even created their own, including Sharks, Staph Infection, Panama (Driver's Test), Pirates, and the notorious Sword Duel. Minimoose (Later known as CJ_Guns, TwoSlot), Loki, and Carbas, become official members around this period. In winter of 2008, at the height of the WaR Clan arts renaissance, in which many works of art, music, game mods, and more were created, ThuGG and Sadosi create "My Cattle" the critically acclaimed country rap album epic. In spring of 2008 WaR plays a free Korean MMO called Last Chaos for a short period in Spring of 2008, which creates a desire to play an MMO as a clan again. In May of 2008, WaR clan enters GuildWars in force (Satros, Wicked, JediKilla1, Zaifos, Staticgirl, Kittie, and Jon). As part of WaR's light-hearted and fun approach to games, Satros decides WaR the guild will rep a pink capes and hot pink armor. The guild quickly grows to massive numbers due to WaR's unusual approach to the game, consisting mostly of nightly dance parties and streaking in town, in addition to regular Guildwars guild activities. The WaR guild soon maxes out its member limit with 100 active members by mid summertime. Notable new guild members included Rose (who would later become a full member), I Luv Fuzzy Bunnies, Surf Hobo, and Marcell the Bard. At the end of August 2008, Satros heads off to college, interest in the Guildwars guild dies, and the Golden age of WaR comes to an end.

Here are artifacts from the first era:

War's forum banner (2003):

My first signature (2003):

Some Rune Clanwar scores:

Here is a screenshot from Halo:CE in (2004)

Comic depicting the great Quesadilla spamming after it happened. (Created by Wick in 2004)


Artifacts from the second Era:

Legendary Soldiers Forum Banner:

Some clanwar scores:

Here is an artifact from the Rebirth period:

One of the first thread on the new war forums -
Warning - awful teen humor

Here is a screenshot of a time we all decided to play Runescape for a night, and Master Sos died in the wildy.

An in progress screenshot of the new war castle map:

4th Saga posted!




Ragnarok Online:

Halo 3:

Satros and Jedi using teamwork

Last Chaos


Hashtag nostalgia


Man, I remember playing guildwars for a long while.

If only you adopted the pink flamboyant party goer approach sooner, I might have been an even older member.

Also i remember that dance off in Lion's Arch, albiet I was hardly present during the Guild Wars return having being burnt out on the game.