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**OFFICIAL** Selfies & Wexish Grins

ill start us off.

this is me when i am wex

and dis me livin dat sweet life of zack and cody

#nofilter #nomakeup #tbt #wexishgrins #urban #breakingupwithmygfonvalentinesday

This is me being wexish after having just woken up.

#wexishbedbeard #faglife #unfathomabledarkness

ladies please


Rose wrote:
ladies please


So I have this shirt.

Do you faggots even praise the sun?

if god doesnt exisit then who keeps fueling the son every morning?

a wexish stance get on my lvl

Pure wex.

Me looking wexish #dopestfadeinwarclan

You guys are cute.

i like your eyes they remind me of egypt

mfw rose pokes me on TS


finisher I like your eyes they remind me of egypt

wake me up inside

I'm randy and i know it.