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**Official** [REQUESTS] thread

we need 2 UP
warclan PRIDE

this thread is for requests for events, activities, orgies, and other faggotry that will bring us together as the family we are
warmas, the annual warclan christmas time trainwreck is jsut the tip of the icebergh of what warclan can do as activities.
consider the following:
canadian halloween
offciial warclan valintes day speed dating
warclan kareoke night
synchole movie night
or get your degree

thoughts and other suggests?

Added Canadian Halloween and Speed Dating

official request for cjguns to finish my fucking playlist you think this is a fucking game you planet shitness fagget?

Lief Eriksson Day Event, pls.

October 22nd I think it was.

official war clan monthly e-zine

more videos

official war clan sorority shirts

more fun forum threads/games 2 better know our fellow clans members like the old days

official war clan cacooning therapy sessions

official war clan skills workshop

official war clan slumberparties/skype sesh via canadian halloween

more twitch streaming

more artwork

official war clan trading cards

official war clan friendship bracelets

official war clan cult rings

official war clan handshake

more creations

official war clan hot yoga

more music production (via my cattle, kar's raps, etc)

official war clan senior ski trip

official war clan skip day

official war clan workout group/bodybuilding dojo

official war clan weight watchers

official war clan google plus page

official war clan bookclub

official war clan religious retreat

official war clan paint & wine night

official war clan women's association fair pay protest

official war clan advice column

official war clan mani-pedis

official war clan larp ctf battle

official war clan team building paintball field trip

official war clan cosplay contest

official war clan space expedition

official war clan gaming event

there any lawyers in warclan can mock us up a billion year contract?

We need an Official WaR Clan island.

Maybe if we got together and created a bank, and just lived off of everyone else's money that way we could afford and island and build an IRL WaR castle to have dank LAN parties in.

now THAT'S a scheme

Official WaR Clan credit card and rewards program - earn up to 2% cashback on purchases of Mt Dew GAMERFUEL and Doritos Locos Tacos*.

  • at participating Taco Bell locations only.

war clan trivia night
war clan school field trip to the national museum of history

Movie night. Uncle Buck and Kung Pow. I will host. Please.

War clan team building ropes course

War clan family dinner / pot luck

War clan multi level marketing / pyramid scheme

Official war clan christmas jingle
Official war clan cryogenic sleep chamber
Official war clan private investigator
War clan lobbyists to push Boxing day as an official holiday in the US and remove it from Canadine

official warclan bible study group
official warclan zumba class
official warclan corporate sponsorship
official warclan family plot
official warclan account
official warclan booze cruise
official warclan study abroad program
official warclan pipeline/crm software
official warclan jam sesh
official warclan couples massage coupons
official warclan shoutout in gbomz/cjguns podcast
official warclan austin mansion/MTV reality show
official warclan veteran's day
official warclan makeup tutorial youtube channel

I want a 3d Rosie Pistols mouse pad that's like, you know, with her butt cheeks to rest my wrist on

Cecil wrote:
I want a 3d Rosie Pistols mouse pad that's like, you know, with her butt cheeks to rest my wrist on


official war clan purge night

Official War Clan Street Racing Crew where we do heists like F&F