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Jan 22, 2009
Start 6:00am
-My mom came in n woke me up for no reason other that to point at my alarm clock, watch me push snooze then walk out.
My ride(my best friend) is sick with something thats life threatening if it doesn't get better..  SO im forced to walk in like 15 degree weather to the bus thats 1/2 mile away.. takes about 15 minutes.. Another little annoyance of the BUS is im standing by the door to get on n she just randomally shuts the door n drives up farther away.. /annoyed
SO! i get to class n im on time minding my own bussiness in a class i really should be attending since its my hardest class, annndd a PARAPRO (little errand fag) pulls me out of class and is VERY rude to me.
"What didn't you do last night?"  .."What?"  "What didnt you do?"  .." I don't know what your talking about"
"You had a detention yesterday and you didn't serve it"  .."I had a detention? I didnt know that" "Yeah you got a slip last week telling you this" .."No i didn't"   "whos your 3rd hour teacher?" .. "Ms.Flannigan"  "Yep you had gotten a slip, go get your stuff" .."Why?"  "because the punishment for not serving a detention is ISS (in school suspension)" I get really pissed off, go into class grab my shit and check myself into ISS.

I'm sitting in a small ass desk against the wall after, minding my own bussiness, stareing at the carpet because if you stare long enough, it moves. The lady looks at me n tells me to open my eyes, i can't sleep.
"They are open, they have been the whole time" Some girl behind me told her they were open..
So i proceeded looking ad the floor and she decided to tell me again, then move me then say "Im not gunna tell you again, if your eyes are closed again, im going to send you home" SO i got pissed off enough and said "Gimmie the phone then."
She phoned FATASS (parapro) to come back down n get me..

"You do know leaving means you get double time right?" .."I Don't care" "OKAY! if you dont care i don't care" So he waddles me down to the principals office and i talk to him, and at least HE was nice. He said he wasn't going to suspend me for 2 days, and just reschedual my detention unless i can get it cleared up with my teacher.
SO i go on with my day

I get home n tell my mom the story and i guess she decided to call them n tell them shes pissed about what they did and she FUCKED up the dates because i had 2 UNEXCUSED LATES which is what got me my detention in the first place.. She said my dad dropped me off and pinned it on me saying i fucked around in the school for more than 5 minutes after class started and thats why i have a UL..

So the guys says "no she got the detention because of her adittue.." When the PRINCIPAL never mentioned ANY of that shit..
I swear to god
im getting SO sick of that Fattass
i wanna take a knife and stab him
and let him pop
because he annoys the shit out of me

"My system is full proof i learned it from a guy who worked here 10 years" blah blah blah

so now I have to go BACK in there and raise all hell because im not serving a fucking detention that
ONE- I had no idea about
TWO- My dad shoulda called in for that day
THREE- Let fatass push me around.

Im going to be the MOST pissed off person EVER if i get shit tomarrow for this..



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Well, it looks like its up to me to educate you all on this matter

Prepare yourselves, for this will be a tale of epic battles and great loss!
(You brought this upon yourselves!)

As we all know, the human and covenant made first contact on a remote colony world called Harvest. Harvest, the seventeenth UNSC colony world founded in 2468 located in the Epsilon Indi System. It was the first world the covenant discovered with human inhabitants. Harvest didn't have a large military presence because it was so remote no one staged attacks on it, there for it was a very peaceful agricultural planet.
The battle at Harvest, which would later lead to the human covenant war, started with a Kig-yar (Jackle for those of you who only played the game.) ship called the Minor Transgression. The Minor Transgression raided many AI driven transport freighters stealing produce and other goods, but eventually they got one freighter with a human pilot and their raid on the freighter ended up with the human pilot being killed. That provoked the response by Harvest to investigate. The very small military force they had there sent two men up to stage a surprise attack on the alien ship. The two men selected for the op were Staff Sergeants Nolan Byrne and Avery Junior Johnson.
I'm going to skip the details here but the attack ended up with the Kig-yar ship being destroyed.

[ I'm getting called away by Dub.C so I'll continue this after our TWL Match. ]

o.O was that about halo?

oh god, your gunna make the future post LONGER than its already going to be kar

well wait now, im confused, it sounds awful complicated wicky dear, please explain

Kar wrote:
wicky dear, please explain


nonsense, it sounds complicated and we need him to enlighten us

wicky: extra details please, go all out =)

[Back to my post]

Shortly after the Kig-yar ship was destroyed a Jiralhanae (Brute) ship came to investigate Harvest.
The humans tried to bring about a peaceful meeting, by showing the brute's pictures and offering fruits from many of Harvest's farms. But the meeting went bad and ended in the death of Attorney General of Harvest, Rol Pedersen, Captain Ponder, and one militiaman, Private Osmo.
Shortly after that the Brutes began a full assault on Harvest. The civilians of the capital city were told to leave their homes and proceed with evacuation but some of them refused and were killed a week later when Harvest's capital was glassed. (And just going a bit off course here, the term Glassing, also known as Plasma Bombardment or Orbital Bombardment, is used to refer to the act by which a Covenant ship or ships bombard an enemy planet from orbit using their plasma weaponry. The superheated plasma "bolts" are in effect a continuous lightning discharge, converts the top soil and other surface geology into a mineral called lechatelierite that is similar to glass, from which the term takes its name.) Anyways, after the glassing of the major cities the covenant went to the surface and began to mop up the surviving humans and the outer cities.
The brutes believed there were forerunner artifacts to be found on Harvest, so when the humans began to get desperate they got a lucky break as a small grunt shared information with a human AI. The humans used the captured bit of intel to trick the brutes into thinking we had an artifact called an "Oracle". When the brutes came to claim the oracle the humans fired the giant mass driver (a primitive MAC cannon <- will explain later.) to destroy their cruiser. The brute cruiser was down, but not out. While this was going on, evacuation of the surviving civilians was underway. After reclaiming the Tiara (Harvest's Seventh Orbital Elevator) they began to launch cargo freighters full of human refugees. The evacuation was going as planned, 360 cargo freighters went up the huge Orbital Elevator, but sadly, their plan was discovered and the brutes destroyed the elevator Out of the 360 cargo freighters that went up only 215 escaped
Among the refugees was the entire Harvest militia, which was nearly cut down to half its original strength

That concludes first contact

Eight years before first contact a top secret program was put underway to produce the perfect soldiers. This program was known as "SPARTAN-II". (There was a SPARTAN-I program, but we'll get into that later.) The SPARTAN-II program was the second attempt at the original SPARTAN program, but unlike the SPARTAN-I's the SPARTAN-II's would not only get superior physiques, but also Advanced Mechanical Technology. There were a total of 150 original candidates but in the end only 75 made the roster. Those 75 were taken from their homes at the age of 6 and replaced by flash clones of themselves. (The flash clones had a short life expectancy and died due to medical complications.) The flash clones threw off any suspicion of ONI kidnapping the children. They were taken to Reach, there they began training under Chief Petty Officer Mendez They also met the most praised scientist of the SPARTAN-II program Dr. Catherine Halsey. They were told that their families were killed in attacks on their home planets, they were lied to. But there was concern over not telling them the truth of what was really going on because they may discover the truth one day, then turn against their creators
The children were also given new names, they kept their first name, but were also given numbers that would replace their family names. This helped to sever the link between them and their once civilian lives They went through the most intense training in all the UNSC day in and day out for seven years. After that they began receiving the physical augmentations that would ultimately make them Spartans. The procedures were risky and nearly half died as a result. A small number survived, of which some were physically crippled. (Some were deformed so badly with their bones twisted they had to live out their lives in tubes and no longer looked human.)
After the augmentations there were only 33 still alive and fit for duty.
I'll skip through their several victories against rebels and insurrectionists, and get right to the covenant

Shortly after the fight at Harvest the Prophets (the leadership caste within the Covenant) declared Humanity to be an affront to their gods (supposedly because Humans inhabited and 'defiled' areas which were once Forerunner), and called for a crusade against the Human species.
On October 7th 2525 a UNSC battle group, consisting of the destroyer Heracles, under Captain Veredi, and the two frigates Arabia and Vostok, entered the Harvest system and discovered that everything on the planet had been completely incinerated and the surface melted down to glass. In orbit around the remains of the colony world was a single alien ship, which proceeded to attack the battle group, destroying both Arabia and Vostok and badly damaging the Heracles. The Heracles escaped even with the damage with a message from the alien ship. The message was "Your destruction is the will of the Gods and we are their instrument" is broadcast in human language. (English I'm guessing. -.-)

Shortly after the declaration of war made by the covenant the UNSC began to organize against this coming threat. Vice Admiral Preston Cole mobilized the largest fleet in human history to retake Harvest. Meanwhile the SPARTAN-II's were introduced to the Mjolnir Program and were soon fully geared in the Mjolnir Mark-V Powered Assault Armor. Their greatest weapon But as they were testing the abilities of this new armor the very planet they were on fell under attack by a covenant ship They had two options, try to out run the far superior ship, or turn and fight
They chose to fight, and with a little luck, the SPARTAN-II's managed to slip past the covenant ship's energy shields and plant a warhead inside the alien ship They managed to disable the ship and escape but not without paying a heavy price. On that day they lost the first of the 33 functional SPARTAN-II's Samuel-034, he was only 14 years old.

Elsewhere Cole's battle group returned victorious! But they too had paid a heavy price, they went 3 to 1 odds with the covenant battle group. For every one ship the covenant lost, the UNSC would loose three in nearly every battle Over the next years the covenant onslaught would consume all of the UNSC outer colonies and most of the inner colonies also, until the covenant were on the doorstep of a planet called "Reach". In desperation the ONI decided they would try to capture a covenant ship and learn the location of the covenant home world, this way we could hit them where it hurts. John117 (Master Chief) and the other spartans were placed aboard the Pillar of Autumn, a specially fitted Halcyon class cruiser for this mission. But their plan was shattered when the covenant attacked and the main priority became destroying their own navigational devices so the covenant would not find earth became the main priority
While they managed to destroy all their navigational devices the covenant began their assault. Thus the battle for reach began, and would be noted as one of the most brutal battles in the human covenant war The battle above the planet was a slaughter, the human forces were outmatched greatly by the covenant but twenty orbital defense platforms provided extra support The covenant began to realize that the Orbital platforms drew their power from the planet's surface, and after taking a number of casualties they decided to send ground forces in and fall back Thousands upon thousands of covenant forces flooded the surface of the planet in an attempt to destroy the Generators that powered the orbital platforms The battle went on and seemed hopeless as the UNSC began to be cut down The spartans were split up, some were sent to defend the generators on the ground and the others remained in space.

The Spartans sent to defend the generator had their pelican transport shot down in the air above reach, they had to jump from the pelican to avoid hitting the ground at a supersonic speed, yet they still suffered a few casualties on impact, luckily the Mjolnir Mark-V armor protected the majority of them. They fought their way through the covenant forces but ultimately (I'm skipping some major detail here) they were overwhelmed by the thousands of covenant forces against them Back in space John117 and the clinically dead Linda058 were sent back to the Pillar of Autumn, which then made a random slipspace jump that placed them before Installation-04. (The first halo ring.)

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