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i lol'd

you fail

bPORR[WaR]: pm 3 fail nickname lol

i lol'd also at bporrs fail

i was rolling on the floor in agony/laughing

did.. the topic just start with him saying 'i lol'd'? what did he lol at? o_O what is a PM fail? im so confused

We were in the game 'The Grand Thieves of Automobiles: In the Greater San Andreas Area' and [Extreme]Justin wanted to join war and bporr failed at sending a private message cause he forgot to put a '/' before the PM and instead just wrote "pm 3 fail nickname lol" to everyone

err.. well i see how thats a fail =P but even if it WAS a pm, what would '3 fail nickname' mean? =S

he was making fun of justin's nickname. cause it isnt very creative, and he was trying to pm thugg (aka id 3)

but he said it outloud

soo it gets its own special thread :|

Staticgirl wrote:
soo it gets its own special thread :|

= unaware.

This is WaR Clan is it not?