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Official "Im back from brb" Topic

Good day fellow warnickles!!!!
I would like to announce, I have returned from my lucid journey to the west
I am a new man, with new body parts, and cats!!!!!!
I also got raped by religious fucks!
I bought a less fortunate than myself homeless man dinner,
I am neat,
there is more that I forgot
I am Epic Gnar

oh ok

I see

Why couldn't you have died?


dont mind wick, hes mad cause his tampons DONT FIT


?shit im still alive?

Mattman wrote:
?shit im still alive?


mattman ' no really hi

Epic Gnar who wat when? k O_o

Mattman u always was dead, remember that Shroom you had a yr ago

Holy Shit! what the fuck just happened, my mind just got fucked in the ass by minimooses elongated nipple!!!!!

i think im not high - Vote for Oboma Bishes

Mattman wrote:
i think im not high

That's possible?

i love mattman.

Lets fuck Mattman in the ass! then vote for Obama


we should still vote for obama though, mattman said so