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fuck this I don't feel like typing.

more liek Gay4TV, amirite?!

But seriously, Fallout 3 and Diablo 3 have me the most excited.
Fable 2 would, if I actually believed anything that came from Peter Molyneux's mouth.


Oh yeah, and what Sat said.

Well, in Fable 2 there's this cool feature with orbsit's not really a multiplayer game alone, but if your playing and your friends are playing, they appear in your game as an orb corresponding to wherever they are in their game. You can go up to them and click and they instantly join your game for co-op. Pretty neat. And apparently the game is 100% COMPLETED!! (I dun believe it)

I hope they don't fuck up 13 like they did with 12.

Also this.

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I got 29 seconds into that, then just pulled my computer's plug to make it stop.

the first fable was good so im excited for fable 2 to come out

i watched that for 10 seconds and shot myself in the face


pants status = inthefireplace to that vid

u saw resident evil 5 on E3?

Can someone sum it up for me? I'm thinking of selling my xbox. Not into it anymore. Anyone wanna buy it for 100 bucks?

Basically M$ raped Sony in all holes.
Nintendo like, didn't do anything.

Microsoft Big things:

-Showed real-time demos
-Price cut to 299.99
-New Xbox Dashboard with love em hate em avatars
-Patnership with Netflix adding over 10,000 movies to the current library
-Final Fantasy XIII now coming to the Xbox 360
-New update allows one to rip Xbox 360 games to their HDD to run them disk-less. (Maybe preparing for MGS4?? -HARHARHAR)
-The near release by Bungie of a new Halo game, not about Halo Wars or Halo: Chronicles (the one being directed by Peter Jackson) but a whole other game. Too bad Microsoft paid them to be quiet for a little while more.


Gears of War 2
Fable 2
Fall Out 3 exclusive content plus first real-time demo
Resident Evil 5
Portal 2
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts
Star Ocean**

Sony Big Things:

-Shower more CGI demos..old
-Spat about how Blu-Ray was such a good choice, we know already!
-Spent more time on the PS2 than the PS3
-Greatest Hits Collection now available in case you really want to buy Call of Duty 3 at a reduced price
-Home still isn't coming out in the near future
-New XMB
-Somehow claims that the DS has no chance against the PSPwait what?


Resistance 2
Kill Zone 2
God of War 3
Little Big Planet

Nintendo Big Things

-Didn't unveil anything worth mentioning
-Wiimote Peripheral MotionPlus (more accurately determines the Wiimote's position in 3D space
-WiiSpeak, a new voice-communication service in new online Wii games, may be implemented to games like Super Smash Brothers as well.
-That's really it


Animal Crossing: City Folk
Miyamoto says new Pikmin game in the works

*Misc/Multiplatform Things*

-FarCry 2 now on Xbox 360 as well as PS3 and PC
-Rock Band 2 Xbox 360 demo
-Guitar Hero: World Tour
-Guitar Hero: Jimi Hendrix Edition
-NEW Prince of Persia
-Street Fighter IV
-Crysis: Warhead
-Call of Duty: World At War
-Silent Hill: Homecoming
-MIRROR'S EDGE (parkour!)
-Project Origin (sequel to F.E.A.R.)
-Star Wars: Force Unleashed
-Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3
-Tom Clancy's Endwar
-Bionic Commando
-Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
-Red Dead Revolver sequel
-Left 4 Dead
-Madden '09
-Lego Batman
-Sonic Unleashed
-Dragon Quest IV
-Golden Axe: Beast Rider
-Red Faction: Guerrilla
-New Water Physics Engine-Tomb Raider: Underworld
-Dead Rising coming to the Wii
-Ghost Busters
-Soul Calibur IV