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not fireflies.

cause i know how you guys have some sort of thing for owl city ?

"i just cant help but.. frolic." loll.

also, am in love with this boy, somebody please find him for me.

seriously i would marry him. i didnt think ANY video could be as cute as the one where justin bieber steals a girl's scarf and sends her on a romantic little scavenger hunt around the neighbourhood to find it/him. but this one is CUTER THAN THAT. /heart melts x_X

little children singing this song (as they alwaysss do..) is cute too. BUT NOT AS CUTE.
lmao this 4 year old girl, shes sooo adorable, she's been singing rihanna 'rude boy'. its really funny. but terribly inappropriate. i mean shes mostly just babbling to the tune but still.