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No Cussing club...

What the fuck is this shit!? Some 14 year old slut bag bitch whore fucker made a shitty club where jewfags go around and rap about how swearing is a bunch of shit and they're a big bunch of fagots that get sad when people swear. Also this

Well its all dumb nothing funny about it i shouldnt have even post here

jedi wants to hang with them pukes!!!
ill take a cheeseburger!!!! lol

that was awsome!

i like how the kids are horrible pretending to play basketball in the very begining

or whan the kids are walking slow on the sidewalk and the kid behind the one with glasses on the way right swings his arms and punches him in the back like two times!!!
its right at the end of the clip

yo and these mutherfuckers are serious about it

what they dont tell you is when the people "mouthed" "dont cus" with the kids voice edited over it, they were actualy saying "FUCK OFF!"

i dont cuss in real life

lol a buncha fucking jew faggots that wanna turn is into faggoty fucking whore ass bitch fucking jew gold.