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neww song/verse/thing. yes.

since i met him i was doomed to be falling
like an empire that had it coming
like roaming so far from home no warning when home sickness approaches
no coaches or teachers to catch you or lead you or help you up
it is my turn to bid and i am calling no trump
so maybe i can take the lead and tell you what to do
i can tell you when to play your heart
whether your card be a king or a two
its true like blue when i say it doesnt matter at all
cause i want your heart whatever the size cause i know its wonderful
fall, still falling harder than i thought i would or i thought i could
but its fine, spending all my time finding other things to distract my mind
oh my, got me tripping like i was licking some kind of tabs but i know that i didnt
it just must be him, damn, how he does it, never wish he wasnt exactly how he is, i love it.