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Newest Slang: iYiYi

A mating call to get the attention of nearby women. Usually used for meeting new women, to approach via a date, or to just perform sexual intercourse with later on the night. Used in clubs, on streets of a city, a party or any other public or secluded place. Originally coined by Nobel Prize winner and tween sensation Cody Simpson from his song titled said term ("iYiYi"). After the song became a global hit, the term became used more often and became used as slang.


Boy 2 gets a text saying "143 ;)"
Boy 1: "New flavor of the week?"
Boy 2: "You don't even know man."
Boy 1: "Haha. No but really, who is it?"
Boy 2: "It's your mom. Let's go!"

Man: "iYiYi!"
Women approach
Man: "Sup ladies"

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lmaoo. WIN. i like it. :D

lmao wat..

It got denied.

oh =(

Add ideas for well written but lulzy definitions. There needs to be a use for iYiYi other than "the name of Cody Simpson's hit song".