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New Year's

Partial Lunar Eclipse of December 31
The first eclipse of 2009 occurs on New Year's Eve. This minor partial lunar eclipse takes place in Gemini, and is visible primarily from the Eastern Hemisphere

Happy new years everyone!

nono Happy New Year 2 u  :P

i got bombed and stayed up till 4am  watching Aaron lewis of staind ~ live on YOUTube fucking talented muther fucker he is

i think i Fucked new Years up . got drunk in pissed in peoples beer  :P

LOL mattman is epic.

good thing he did not go around drinking outher peoples beer

LOL true that.

i cant wait for a lunar eclipessss

watch them everytime <3

Solar will be pwn.

Hayleys comment needs to pop around again

northern lights would be amazing one last time before the ice caps die

least some one likes it as much as me

< loves the sky

Would watch the stars everynight if i could