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New War Site in progress

workin on a new site for war XD

all the side bar shit is jsut temporary fillers to make it look more whole this is jsut the layout

woo yeah bring it on suckerthis my kinda shit(yes)

hells ya thats pimpin.

Looks kinda like your Gears of War website

woah, WTF? Why is my gamertag covered in lights and has an ornament for the Gamerscore icon?

lo lwtf it looks nothing like my gow site

bhaal dont b tupid
and u never on live get back on!

im hoping this will be finished between january and feb

noiceness way to tAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM !!! u deserve 2 be cole in GOW and smack the locusts mamas!

update , ill be uploading progress every once and while to make sure everything works here
so if u wanna check it out go ahead, however no pages (or atleast msot of them will not be made or linked until i learn php (after xmas)