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New Signature

did some new signatures today, check em out in my signature bar

DUDE!!that first one with dark viking is fucking awesome!!!!!!Arrrggehhahsdbahb its sweet lol.

how do u put picture on like that ?

go to signature in ur controls and put in a link to the picture, then put tags around it



also make sure it isnt too big

n1's syth.

godbelow.jr wrote:
how do u put picture on like that ?

dee dee dee

did u know how to do it at 12 yrs old sos?

lol is SOS an asshole?

yeah hes our clan asshole, and thats why we love him lol

so he thinks we love him.i still remember what he put on my application-

and i quote

"Same .. answer.. NO , i dont liek that kid"


how can u not lvoe that?

we cant be a clan of only nice people lol

true,,,true lol.

no way