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New Name?

Should i keep Triclone,or make it InsTincT?

  • Triclone (45.45%, 5 Votes)
  • InsTincT (54.55%, 6 Votes)
Number of votes: 11

Well guys seeing as to how ive had the name triclone for like 4 years,it honestly sounds kinda gay,so if i changed my name to InsTincT what would you guys think?And would you be able to change my froum screen name?

um doesnt someoen already have the name instinct? and yes id change ur name for u. i pick instinct. on one condition. we can still RUA u when the time be .

Oh you guys can RUA me anytime.especially African Americans..

oh and tric u posted almsot instantly back so ur on forums now. wuts ur msn.

i dont use msn,but you have myspace im online right now.

gahh fuck myspace lol. i only have a fake one that i mess with the hot seksy goats of my school. oh ya and sat and stat are on mine 2. HAIL BLACK JESUS

i like triclone better than instict, personally i think if ur gunan change ur name make it sumthing that stands out, i hate when ppl have names like "Dark" or "Fear", know how many ppl have the name Satros? 0. lol

and yeah i can chnage ur forum name if u want

ya and who has the name Venomblade ? hm hmm? 0!!~! some noobs have venom, but i got the blade son..

i know right

venom = 1000000000 people

blade = 1000000000 people

venomblade = 1 (or maybe about 30)

hmm.. i dont know how to pronounce triclone, and instinct is pretty cool. maybe triclone is more original, cause its not a real word (is it?) but i think instinct sounds really good =D

i havent seen anyone with instinct lol.

btw how DO you pronounce 'triclone'?

"tri" as in tricycle,and clone as in clone trooper.

kar how do cant u possible not know how to say his name, its easy as hell!!!1 god dammn!


i liek triclone its unique

I got two names, Explict and Sythest, both the coolest ones ever made.

Sat can you please change my username on here to InsTincT?

i dunno i think i like triclone more instincts one of those names that are used to damn much and i dont see people with my name mine has 2 g' never seen anyone with 2 g's

hmm id change ur forum name tric. or instinct.. GAY i dont wanna call u instinct lol. what do i call u for short inst?
i liked callin u tric i change my vote lol

k i changed your name gbye tric.

this feels weird.