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New here

I am new here, just saying hello

<3 sagepowder

Hiyo Sage, welcome to WaR!

Make yourself at home. Coffee's in the pot, snacks are in the fridge, and the gats and chains are in the closet.

What games do you own?

yo welcome and try 2 b a gankster as much as possible
this isn't a bot right lol?

hello welcome to our forums!

so hes not a bot ahhh ok.

wooo! fresh meat! =D

Hii i'm kar!

are you a girl or a boy?

lol. that sounds like a stupid question. but i'm just wondering =P

welcome here btw xD

k so hes definitely not a bot?? judging by ur commentz

oh. updates my question

are you a girl, a boy, or a bot?

u guys are fing retarded its not a bot holy shit

ugh. FINE.

updates question AGAIN


lolol ^^
so he's not bot lol?!?!?
k got it

Well, he/she/it HAS only had one post.

god i hate all of you

why would some1 make a bot saying

I am new here, just saying hello

<3 sagepowder

god lol

y not? maybe its a friendly bot ^^

Is it a bot that plays Rune? Or maybe it's just broken, and instead of failing at hacking us it just says "Hi, love me". Like HAL from 2001 Space Odyssey in reverse.

maybe its a really lonely bot. and it thought 'hey, if i come HERE, i could make a bunch of friends' so its just here to you know. talk and stuff.

even though its only made like one post >.>

or its a boy or a girl that coincidentally has only made one post so far =/

(btw. i DO realize bots cant "think". im not stupid =P it was just an idea.)

bot banned

what happened to advertising/hacker ppl only?? not to mention i said this person isnt a bot dont delte until we are sure alot! nub

^^ woops