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soooooo i have these 2 little puppies in ma house for the next 4-5 weeks (til theyre old enough to be sold, theyre really tiny and cuuuuteeee!!) theyre little boxer dogs lol. anyway, they dont have names. and even though somebody else will adopt them and give them a different name, i need to call them something, and idk what.


Call them murd and jedi

Cock and balls.

EDIT: inb4poll

lol murd and jedi? why them? XD speaking of whom i havent talked to either of them in AGES.

TwoSlot wrote:
Cock and balls.

EDIT: inb4poll

WTF I thought of exactly the same thing when I read kar's post.. Well, one of them will be Lord Cock/Duke Dick and another Sir Ballz/Mr. Testicles?

How about KITTIE and HACKS

shoop and whoop?
Troll and face?
troll and rage
problem no. 1 and problem no 2?

lmaooo all good options.  im liking 'shoop' and 'whoop'. kittie and hax is always good, as with murd and jedi. im thinking not anything to do with balls or anything cause my parents might be like 'wat' and i'll be like 'problem?' and then they'll get mad. =(

Name them Problem? and U mad?

Uncle jamie and keisean

Adam and Jamie :jamieh:

ThuGG wrote:
Uncle jamie and keisean

Pootie and Tater! those are actual good names lol

LOLOL pootie and tater. even though theyre girls. but thats okay. xD

wait who's adam and jamie?

Kar wrote:
wait who's adam and jamie?

:jamieh: Does not approve of this statement.

lmao well that guy is jamie hy-something. but idk who adam is. i dont watch that show >.<

They invented Mythbusters
:jamieh:=Jamie Hyneman

=Adam Savage
They r awesome

Mister Barky Von Schneouzer and Wiggles.

oh. thanks nossida. =P

and lmaoo. @ sacrificial lamb.

Ares and. Zeus!