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Okay, so.. For the past 3-4 years or so I have been know as "Kittie" and I'm bored of that. I need a new name, and since Satros is a buttface and has been of little help; I've decided to ask you guys what you suggest. It would be preferable that it starts with 'K' though I'm open to other suggestions.


also: :troll:

Satros wrote:

:rage: Other then Kittie/Kittellia!

This wasn't easy, so I decided to consult the ever so wise Lord Inglip.

Your name is now "Seymour Carthrs". Praise be to Inglip!

EDIT: Inglip thought that you may not be so pleased with that name, so he has given you a choice between that one and this one.

William Duresol! A fine name indeed!

Pur'rina princess of the cat chow

lmaoo. we could both be princess!!

um.. you could go from.. kittie to kat? cat.. kat? katy? um..

i dont know. i will continue thinking!

i probably wouldnt listen to sat's suggestions. you dont really suit 'william'. or seymour