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My WaR Video! Made by me!

Heres a WaR video i made with the following people in it :

Jodie - Sister
Kellie - Friend
Jonathan - Brother

so yeah its dedicated to war. ill make a better one soon i was just bored so i did this!
-No offence to triclone- (called him lame in the vid)

My Video!

double-you tee eff mate, why do I gotta die next I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE

cries in a corner

lolol i r sorry i should of said static

lololol i like the realistic portrayal of my life at the end, very nice

OMG =( I died :'( how come no1 informed me that i was dead sooner?! i have to arrange my funeral

Kittie you haxed life therefore you = not dead = zombie?

But zombies are ugly and smell of mouldy carrot juice thats been soaked in horse radish for 3 days!!!!!


your lucky i dont just stab you witha suction cup IN THE FACE

lol static no lame

Loki wrote:
yeah. sex slug it up!!!

ncie grillz niggah , LMFAO at satros and his mom at thier village.

This is just sad dude lost my respect LMFAO

LMFAO, its cool, i see some pretty lame stuff in that video, so no offence taken.

lmao master sos :s


OMG! The horror Don't let Jodie do the cartwheel ever again, please Gawd, my eyes

lmfao awww im sorry lucian

SaDosi wrote:
lmfao awww im sorry lucian

Yea yea

it gave me an errection

Satros wrote:
it gave me an errection

Wut? Jodies fat ass? lol

eww gross @ sat