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My tryout

what do u think about me in cov? lol ,
maybe i lose the tryout in this case i will tryout dmi , me vs triclone tryout lol, nobody else play, ah,and maybe thugg

pssh dont u remember. u waited like a year for DMI and
[c?v.Feel-It-{{WaR}}] ftw

i waited as long as for cov lol
but i know covs are thinking in let me tryout,
i talked with or smthing like that lol i cant remember, and he said that i was good but i have to traing lol

i think ull do fine hehe, plus u got me n venoms support on the forums etc, swars too prolly

go for it i guess i hope youll have fun in cov

[c?v.Feel-It{{WaR}}] FTW

ty guys

try back to DMI!!! when i get my 3-4 friends good enough we will have 4 new members unless my friends become assholes and ditch the plan..

i dont think so