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I'm making my Swagga Disc and consists of this playlist. Also post your playlist.

  1. Swagga - Datsik & Excision
  2. Game Over - Datsik & Excision
  3. Love (The Gagging Version) - Borgore
  4. Crunch - Datsik & Excision
  5. Oooh - DZ
  6. Gravity - The Others
  7. Pretty Boy Swag - Soulja Boy
  8. iYiYi (ft. FloRida) - Cody Simpson
  9. Club Can't Handle Me (ft. David Guetta) - FloRida
  10. All I Do Is Win (ft. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Faggot & Rick Ross) - DJ Khaled
  11. TiK ToK - Ke$ha
  12. I Like It (ft. Pitbull) - Enrique Iglesias
  13. Go to Church - Ice Cube
  14. Big Fish, Small Pond - Monomate
  15. The Failure of All Things - HORSE the Band
  16. Do a Br00tal Roll - iamerror
  17. Peacebone - Animal Collective
  18. Higher Plane - Kate Nash

nice playlist ambalamps :D okay heres mine !! :

slumber party - gucci mane ft. nicki minaj
wasted - gucci mane ft. plies
becky - plies
medicine - plies ft. keri hilson
ransom - drake ft. lil wayne
girlfriend - nicki minaj
go hard - nicki minaj
still i rise - nicki minaj
pillz - gucci mane
freaky gurl - gucci mane
my own worst enemy - gucci mane
still the greatest - bone thugs n harmony ft big chan
pretty GIRL swag - diamond
notorious thugs - bone thugs n harmony ft notorious b.i.g.
money to blow - drake ft. lil wayne
miss me - drake ft. lil wayne
california love - lil wayne
pussy money weed - lil wayne
nightclub - birdman
no ceilings - lil wayne

this is just like, a bunch of songs i really like/listen to a lot atm. but. it changes quite frequently.

[quote author=Kar'Rina link=topic=3227.msg40262#msg40262 date=1283124685]
pretty GIRL swag - diamond

lmaoo. pretty girls can so have swag.

Anything Nickelback.

[quote author=Kar'Rina link=topic=3227.msg40268#msg40268 date=1283129466]
lmaoo. pretty girls can so have swag.

This argument might need it's own topic..

i agree, would be a good debate. WHY on earth can pretty BOYS have swag but pretty girls cant?! not fair. plus sexist.

[quote author=Kar'Rina link=topic=3227.msg40275#msg40275 date=1283198796]
i agree, would be a good debate. WHY on earth can pretty BOYS have swag but pretty girls cant?! not fair. plus sexist.
Don't play the sexist card. You can't say that just because you're a girl.
That's not sexist.
It's not a decision that boys do and girls don't. It's just a fact.
Boys hit on da wimmin and gotta swag up on dem.

it IS sexist if guys can have it and girls cant =P but its fine, ima just have to up my swag to prove girls can so. XD

Disappointed by lack of Nickelback

My chill/fav music playlist:

  1. Intro - The XX
  2. Helicopter - Bloc Party
  3. Flint(For the Unemployed and Underpaid) - Sufjan Stevens
  4. Home - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
  5. Shoulder to Shoulder - Little Joy
  6. A More Perfect Union - Titus Andronicus
  7. Lover of Mine - Beach House
  8. Knife - Grizzly Bear
  9. Black Dirt - Seawolf
  10. Movement I, The Countenance of Kings - Sufjan Stevens
  11. Next Time Around - Little Joy
  12. Gronlandic Edit - Of Montreal
  13. You're a Wolf - Seawolf
  14. Airbus Reconstruction - Portishead
  15. Rebellion (Lies) - Arcade Fire
  16. For Reverend Green - Animal Collective
  17. I Stand Corrected - Vampire Weekend
  18. Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus

will make a banging party rave version later

wow lol ive never heard of any of those songs. o.o

[quote author=Kar'Rina link=topic=3227.msg40372#msg40372 date=1283566638]
wow lol ive never heard of any of those songs. o.o

aka u mad  :fuckyea:

lmao why would i be mad about that ?