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my nite on the tube

uh oh

i seen that before

hahaha osidius that was tha shit i loved it

ThuGG wrote:
hahaha osidius that was tha shit i loved it

yeah i liked it . . .

that prank call shit is funny as hell i watched them all lmao the bloopers one where the pased out guy pisses pure boose lol

I'm Ron Burgandy?

Loki wrote:
I'm Ron Burgandy?

lol omg took me a few secs to figure it out lmao
love that movie

. . . .today . . .i watched inuyasha movie part 3 at . . .they dint have them befor but i serched it alot i bet some one seen my serches and decided to past the movies again lol cous they wort avalible befor!!?!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahaaha muthukukin hahahaha
that was funny but stupid stay home niggas

wtf Uh oooHH i seen no big clit in that vid only a slopy pussy