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My next RP map

its name is Dm-Rp-CecilsWorld,
its theme is gonna be more landy,you know have more land than water.
its gonna be bigger than towns, and its gonna introduce some new weapons to Rune.
i already had some previously made and were gonna be for towns, but i scrapped that idea.
heres a small list of the new weapons:
Bucklers ( Shield )
Broad Axes
Flanged Maces
One-Handed Warhammers

The map itself will have a more mountainous and snowy/misty feel.
and if someone could give me some .utx files that have WaR member's names, it would be appreciated.
maybe even ones that say 'Smithy' 'Armoury' 'Mess Hall' you know handy signs that help out with finding shit.

ima play if druink as hell then cya