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MurD's FFA map server

ok ppl, i hav mad a server with free for all (ffa) maps in it if u like free for all maps and camping u should come to my server lol i just made it today i what some ppl to come and test it out pls:)

alritght cool man

any1 wanna test it out wit me???/ just post here saying u do

maybe tomamrow man, to night is the war xmas event (starts at 8:00 pm est)

hmmm sat i just noticed u live in Poughkeepsie New York lol i tohught it was fake untill i asked my social studies teacher we live in teh same state i live in Ontario New York

omfg more ppl post damn it doesnt any1 wanna try out a fucking ffa map server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol we were about to
but then sat came in dragonmight and was like GET TEH FUCK 2 WaR SERVER.
im lIKE K. and there we are!