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murD is gone

ya on Saturday near noon im leaving to go to Albion to see my cousin so ill be gone for the weekend. dont destroy the clan while im gone damn it!!!!!!1

dman u scared me lmao, cya man have fun! hail murd! hail WAR!

who the fuck is murD?

fury.. i will rip ur dikc off and throw it in the river!! no jk rofl

FuryBeKnown wrote:
who the fuck is murD?

Thats what i wanna know..


lol k see u when u get back from rehab from all that smoking.

rehab for smoking? do they have those?

god u dumb

im lost

murD is me u dumbass i just messed up, god u guys r udmb for not knowing that

i know god you guys r retarded

damn men , and women u all are fucking crazy ppl
everyday im more sure about that,
gl murd

rehab ftw